R2000 Dual

Industrial Dual Cellular VPN Router and PoE
The Robustel R2000 dual industrial cellular VPN router with PoE provides fast, reliable communication for monitoring and controlling equipment remotely. The new added feature, Power over Ethernet, makes installing or expanding much simpler and cheaper for both power and data transmission.

  • Embedded dual module supports two SIM cards online at the same time
  • 4 fast Ethernet LAN ports supporting Power over Ethernet 12.95W of POE/30W of POE+ shared across the 4 LAN ports
  • Supports cellular, WAN, WLAN link backup and ICMP detection; also supports cold backup, warm backup and load balancing
  • WAN: Static client/PPPoE/DHCP
  • Wi-Fi compatible with AP mode and Client mode
  • VPN tunnel: IPsec / OpenVPN / GRE / L2TP / PPTP / DMVPN
  • Auto rebooting via SMS and Timer
  • Supports RCMS Cloud
  • Management and upgrading via web user interface/SMS/CLI/RCMS
  • Supports various applications like QoS, DDNS, VRRP, Captive Portal, SNMP, multi WLAN, multi language
  • Can be mounted easily on the wall or DIN rails
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