Tempel Group specializes in comprehensive projects for indoor and outdoor lighting for professional use. To handle the growing demand for greater energy savings and efficiency, we are committed to integrating LED technology.

Our projects adapt to any type of client and budget. Our team of highly qualified professionals provides exclusive, personalized advisory services. Using their extensive experience, they guide our clients throughout the execution and post sale process.

Our R&D vision and focus is on smart development of energy efficiency projects through a wide range of integrated cutting edge solutions that enable the transition to sustainability and use of clean energy by integrating traditional technology with advanced energy management and the Internet of Things in the field of lighting.

Our lighting projects department studies the needs or shortcomings of each case and develops solutions to fit the situation. Our projects ensure an optimal lighting system.

We select the product and carry out an energy efficiency and amortization study. We guarantee maximum quality and savings.

With our 3D light studies, we can precisely and realistically simulate the results of the system.

We offer a wide range of solutions, based on parameters established by our specialists.


Each lighting project is designed to suit the client’s needs. This service is for companies that want to improve the quality of the lighting at their establishments and decrease energy use. Plus, it improves the impression of those who visit, creating a distinguished, comfortable environment. In short, each lighting project improves people’s quality of life while decreasing energy use and light pollution.

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