Tempel Group offers solutions designed for harsh environments, compliant with standards that guarantee high performance in extreme conditions.

We have a large catalog of ruggedized solutions, including tablets and laptops. These products are meant for professionals who work in emergency services, army personnel, security, maintenance, transport and logistics, among others.

Plus, our engineering team can design personalized HW solutions, complementing the portfolio of our suppliers, which can include dockstations, enclosures, customized housings, and our production department has extensive experience in assembling this type of solutions.


Our laptops come in sizes from 11″ to 15.6″, with a wide range of connectivities, high brightness displays and latest generation processors. These devices are very lightweight, some less than 2.5 kg.


The tablets in our catalog range from 7″ to 14″ and can all be vehicle mounted. The latest modules have latest generation processors for improved user experience. Plus, they support multiple software solutions.


Our engineering team is always developing customized solutions, ranging from personalized design to set up using our production equipment, testing and repair in our RMA lab.

Ask us about your project and we’ll give you the best solution. TEMPELGROUP 360º

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