A versatile, portable, ATEX and IECEx certified tablet ready to deliver digital transformation in potentially explosive environments where rugged performance is required.

About ATEX and IECEX certification:

The ATEX directive, issued by and applicable in the European Union, describes the minimum safety requirements for workplaces and equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This regulation applies to all equipment that will be used in explosive atmospheres, mechanical or electric, including protective systems.

IECEx is a system that facilitates international trade of equipment and services for use in explosive environments.

It applies globally to ensure that all explosion proof equipment and systems are safe for use in countries that belong to the IECEx system.

IECEx has multiple systems for assessing conformity.








The UX10-EX has been designed to deliver portable performance across a range of industries, including industrial manufacturing and utility services, even in the most demanding environments.



The UX10-EX seamlessly supports digital transformation, offering digital connectivity through BT, Wi-Fi, and optional 4G LTE. An optional RS232 port can support legacy equipment.

An optional RFID reader allows information feedback into the management system.


Drop resistance and temperature tolerance aside, the LumiBond® screen ensures usability in all conditions. 1000 nits of brightness make the display readable even in sunlight, while rain and glove touch capability guarantee visibility and productivity in even the most extreme conditions.

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