The two powerful new fully rugged 15.6″ mobile workstations have been specially designed for professionals who need high performance and exceptional reliability when performing complex mission-critical operations in the field. New laptops deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of data-intensive and/or graphics-intensive operational scenarios, such as defense command and control, rail inspection, and oil and gas sensor analysis

Remarkable information:

* Weighing just 4.43kg, the X600 laptop is incredibly light for such a powerful device, while its compact form factor makes it ideal for true mobility.

* The new X600 provides a quantum leap in computing power, with the options of the 11th Generation Intel(R) Core(tm) H-series processor (up to i9) and 128GB of memory, along with the NVIDIA discrete graphics controller (A) Quadro (R) RTX3000.

* The powerful new devices also include extensive enterprise-grade secure data storage and industry-leading connectivity options in the field when secure network access is not possible.

* Both the X600 and X600 Pro combine extensive battery and storage expandability with a compact design and light weight, setting a new benchmark for rugged solutions.

Like all Getac devices, the X600 is ruggedly built from the ground up to withstand physical shock, extreme temperatures, humidity and dust, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability during field operations.

Certified by independent research, engineering and testing laboratories.

Ruggedized features include IP66-rated ingress protection, MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-461G and optional CID2 (ANSI/UL 12.12.91) certification, vibration and shock resistance 1.2m drops, as well as optional salt spray resistance.

Leading-edge performance Ruggedized and ready Excellent user experience Superior Connectivity Enhanced data security Built for mobility.

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