The convention held in Tarragona gathered together more than 160 people from the different branches that Tempel has in Europe and Latin America. During the event, company CEO Pedro Peña reviewed the company’s history since its inception and explained the new lines of business.

Tempel Group, a company specializing in the energy sector, recently held an internal convention to celebrate its 45th anniversary. The convention, held in the Catalan city of Tarragona, brought together more than 160 people from the different branches that the organization has in Europe and Latin America.

During the convention, company CEO Pedro Peña reviewed the company’s trajectory since its beginnings and explained the new lines of business, planning a future that is more technological than ever across the 13 countries where it has a presence.

The conference also included various activities during the weekend, with the tradition of Catalan culture at the epicenter, and it concluded with a gala dinner at Termes de Montbrió.
The extensive trajectory of Tempel Group has thus consolidated the company as one of the most innovative in the European and Latin American markets.

Trajectory and expansion process
Throughout these 45 years of history, it has undergone a process of international expansion that has led it to have a presence in Europe, Latin America and Europe. In Europe, it has its own offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Porto and Lisbon. In Latin America, its offices are located in Buenos Aires (Argentina), São Paulo (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Quito (Ecuador), Mexico City (Mexico), Panama City (Panama), Montevideo (Uruguay), Lima (Peru) and Tenjo (Colombia). In the United States, it has a presence in Houston (Texas). Finally, it also opened an office in Rome last year, and as part of the future expansion process it also intends to open offices in Hong Kong and in Brazil in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.
It also has four logistics hubs in Barcelona (Spain), Uruguay, Panama and Brazil, and four production plants in Monterrey, Shenzhen, Barcelona and São Paulo.

About Tempel Group
Tempel Group is a technology company that covers three business areas: energy by developing energy efficiency solutions; engineering, specializing in developing automation and industrial communication projects; and consumer products, by marketing technology products in traditional retail outlets for large stores and through e-commerce.
It does in addition specialize in comprehensive projects related to engineering and industrial energy systems. Its projects cater to all types of customers and needs, with a team of highly qualified professionals who offer an exclusive and personalized advisory service.

Its value proposition is focused on auditing services and the implementation of customized projects for numerous outstanding vertical markets, such as mining, factory automation, transport, retail, emergency services and defense. In recent years it has been at the fore in fields and applications related to UPS, telecommunications, security, renewable energy and energy storage systems.

Environmental awareness
Specializing in the energy sector, the company works with the conviction that a sustainable and healthy world is possible. It therefore works with new cutting-edge technologies that allow it to offer its customers quality products and services, developing solutions that improve the people’s quality of life.

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