This is the first office to be opened on the North American continent and is part of the 2022-2025 expansion plan.

The company specializing in energy and energy efficiency, Tempel Group, is opening its first office in Houston under the name Tempel Group Energy Corporation, to follow up on the projects it is developing in the solar market on the American continent.

The company, in addition to having branches in various Spanish cities, is also operating in Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama and Ecuador. Now, thanks to this new office, it will increase its presence in the United States and, more specifically, in the state of Texas, Houston.

The Texan city is a strategic industrial location for the Tempel Group due to its proximity to the Mexican branch and because of the company’s production plant and logistics HUB in Monterrey.

Houston is very important in the U.S. economic landscape. It is the fourth most populated city in the United States and is an industrial powerhouse, as it is recognized as the country’s energy and oil capital and is home to the most important companies in the sector.

Thus, with the opening of this new office, Tempel Group seeks to offer energy solutions to major corporations in the renewable energy and solar market, taking advantage of more than 40 years of experience and know-how.

Its experience in renewable energies, photovoltaic systems, BESS and UPS systems, energy audits and energy management systems gives it an added advantage over its competitors.

Tempel Group is a company founded in Barcelona with 44 years of experience, which has developed its activities across four business areas: Energy, Engineering, Consumer and Services, and currently has business activities in more than 22 countries and its own headquarters in 18 cities.

The R&D focus and vision is centered on the intelligent development of energy efficiency projects, through a wide range of cutting-edge integrated solutions, which involve the transition to sustainability and the use of clean energy through the integration of traditional technologies with advanced energy management and Internet of Things in all areas.


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